Server Management
When you subscribe to a Rocksolidnet Dedicated or VPS hosting plan, we have you covered. Let us deal with the everyday upkeep and security of your server, while you concentrate on your business. All of our Dedicated and VPS hosting plans include the following manages services:

Essential Server Hardening - A complete server security, optimization, hardening, and initial setup for new servers.
Advanced Backup Configuration - Backups are the most crucial yet overlooked part of an IT setup. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. With us, you'll have it.
Disaster Recovery - Hard drive crashes can be devastating. Not so with us. We'll have you back up and running asap.
Proactive System Health Checks (Weekly) Your server's health is reviewed by one of our technicians to ensure optimal operation.
Proactive Security Audits (Weekly) A security scan/audit is also run on the system to spot for any suspicious activity and possible exploits.
Proactive System Updates (Weekly) Operating system updates are downloaded and applied to your server.
Proactive Security Patches & Software Updates (Weekly) Critical security patches and third party server software updates are performed.
Proactive Backend Server Updates (Weekly) Kernel, PHP, MySQL, Apache updates are applied or scheduled depending on your preference.
3rd Party Software Installation - We will install software such as cPanel, GD, Ioncube, Perl modules, Wordpress, etc. We will even recompile your server software according to your requirements.

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